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The Cost of Cutting Sleep

An hour shaved from shuteye here, twenty minutes there. What are the dangers of insomnia? The cost might be larger than you think. When a team at the Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar evaluated the sleep patterns of over 500 participants over the course of a year, they calculated that those with sleep debt were 72% more likely to be obese than their counterparts. Their chance of developing type 2 diabetes jumped by 39%. These findings are consistent with numerous other studies mapping the effects of sleep insufficiency with insulin resistance. But what’s surprising about this particular study is even seemingly small losses add up. With only half an hour less sleep a night, the likelihood for obesity went up a surprising 17%.1 In addition to insulin resistance and diabetes, insufficient sleep has been tied to higher rates of hypertension, heart failure, stroke, and depression. And that’s just one set of costs. Poor sleep can also take its toll on your physical safety, your work productivity, and even your personal relationships. Playing it Safe Some experts suggest that driving while drowsy can be as hazardous as driving while drunk. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 15 to 20% of all fatal vehicular accidents are tied to sleepy drivers. In one study overseen by a group of neurology researchers in Switzerland, the rate of car accidents among those who suffer from sleep apnea syndrome was over four times higher than that of the general population. Among participants with the most severe apnea, the rates were as much as 13 times higher still.2 Short-term tactics like turning to caffeine,...

The Right Way to Boost Sleep with Supplements

Certain herbs and tinctures have long been associated with relaxation and improved sleep. While modern science has explained the mechanism behind some of these remedies, others remain elusive; but in either case, countless people have found they can make a positive difference in the timing and the quality of their sleep. When a group at the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California at San Diego conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of common herbal sleep supplements — including valerian root and chamomile — they found that subjects fell asleep faster and reported better sleep overall.1 That said, vitamins and herbal treatments are supplemental. There are no magic cure-alls for fixing poor sleep habits; however, combining a more regular sleep schedule and a more relaxing sleep environment with the short-term or long-term use of some of these dietary supplements can be a great way to reinforce better rest. Make sure to introduce new variables slowly, one at a time, and observe how you feel over a period of a week or two before changing anything else. And as always, check with your primary care physician before starting any new medication or supplement. Even seemingly harmless herbs can interact with prescription medications or have unintended effects on certain medical conditions. A Matter of Timing Some supplements are best suited for half an hour to an hour before sleep. Others help you relax any time of day and can be especially potent when taken at night. Still others have an energizing effect and should be avoided near bedtime. For example, many health care specialists suggest that you relegate vitamin C and...

Does Losing Sleep Mean Losing Strength?

Sure, one late night might make you groggy, but here’s something we weren’t expecting: According to a study published in Biological Rhythm Research, when a group of football players reduced the number of hours they slept, their physical performance — including peak strength and reaction times — went down after just one late night. On the other hand, caffeine was shown to not only improve reaction times but also improve the athletes’ strength during workouts. That tells us two things: If you’re an athlete or have a job that depends on you being in top physical shape, losing sleep at night could hurt your career more than you’ve ever realized. Caffeine can have surprising benefits for physical performance beyond the usual heightened awareness and energy levels. How will this new information impact your exercise routines?  I’d love to hear back on how you’ll use this research in your daily life. For more of the latest sleep research, Click Here to Subscribe to our Optimal Sleep newsletter. We’ll discuss practical approaches to increasing your energy and focus and you’ll never miss insights from the newest studies. Featured Image is Climbing Rope by Emilien ETIENNE. CC BY-ND...

Smart Decision Making for a Balanced Life

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