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Optimal Living 360 by Sanjay Jain, MD, MBA
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Get More Sun – Why Indoor Light is Ruining Your Sleep

Do you feel groggy in the mornings but still struggle to fall asleep at bedtime? Do you often have trouble sleeping through the night and then suffer for it the next day? Scientists have long speculated that electric lights — particularly the blue light emitted by...

Stop Waking Up Exhausted

One of the questions I’ve heard most often from people with miserable sleep lives is this: How can I wake up rejuvenated, having slept deeply, and not need multiple cups of coffee just to be barely functional in the morning? The fact is, the answers are pretty simple....

Smart Decision Making for a Balanced Life

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  • Publishers Weekly

    Dr. Sanjay Jain presents healthy lifestyle tips through a business lens with this comprehensive offering.

  • Kirkus

    A business-minded doctor prescribes a whirlwind of advice in his comprehensive debut guide to health and well-being.

  • ForeWord

    With humor and humility, Jain blends common sense with valuable research in this all-encompassing guide to life.

  • IndieReader

    Optimal Living 360 offers an extensive and encouraging action plan that puts you in charge of balancing your life and prospering.

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“Everyone should read Optimal Living 360, even doctors. Dr. Sanjay Jain teaches you how to get the highest return on investment with your life.”
Marilu HennerMarilu Henner Actress, Producer and Author


“Brilliant! Sanjay Jain’s Optimal Living 360 is a business plan for life. Read it, apply it’s principals and enjoy the results.”
David BachDavid Bach #1 New York Times bestselling author Start Late, Finish Rich and The Automatic Millionaire
“Dr. Sanjay Jain is the perfect expert to help you get your life on the right track with a positive attitude with a balanced career!”
James. R. Andrews M.D.James. R. Andrews M.D. Renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon
“Dr. Sanjay Jain expertly reframes the discussion of a well-rounded holistic life and will be a tonic for those trying to align the need for satisfaction with the realities of work and life.”
Keith FerrazziKeith Ferrazzi New York Times Bestselling Author, Relationship Master, Business Leader, Activist
“No doubt about it – Optimal Living 360 will give readers a great return on their investment.”
Dr. Michael DowDr. Michael Dow author, psychotherapist and addiction recovery expert, Host of TLC’s Freaky Eaters
“Balance, harmony and an excellent return on your investment – Dr. Sanjay Jain creates the perfect tri-fecta on personal net worth! A must read!”
Kimberly FossKimberly Foss CFP, CPWA New York Times Best Selling Author, Wealthy by Design
“Optimal Living 360 is set to become the go-to handbook for finding fulfillment in your life.”
Cynthia MontgomeryCynthia Montgomery Harvard Business School professor, author, The Strategist
“Tired of digging through endless aisles of self-help books? Look no further than Optimal Living 360.”
Stephen ViscusiStephen Viscusi CEO of The Viscusi Group, author, Bulletproof Your Job

“Practical and easy-to-read, this comprehensive guide for living answers every question you might have on how to make better decisions for a better life.”

Frances Cole Jones Frances Cole Jones
President of Cole Media Management, author, How to Wow and The Wow Factor

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